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by M

You attempt to resume real life, but it feels a bit weird, a bit unfitting, kinda like wearing freshly washed jeans--stiff and uncomfortable, only time and use will bring it to normality again. But in reality it's not just the missing... It's not just that you were on vacation and the weather was better and you had a good time and now you have to go back to the dullness of every day life. You left home ten days ago, you crossed land and ocean and saw things you'd never seen, and ate foods you'd never eaten, and met people you'd never known, and said things you'd never said and now you're here again and your bed is still carved into the shape of your body and the room is perfectly dark and quiet, but you find yourself missing that stupid bunk and the light seeping throught the blinds too early and the faint sounds of the city late at night. In the morning you have your favorite breakfast but you're sighing at the thought of the shitty packaged bread with pb&j and chips a'hoy. You're waiting to cross the street and you click the button a million times but it doesn't say "wait". The rain tickles the windows outside and although it's still cozy and comforting, it seems misplaced now.


And when you stop to think about, you're not the person that you were before you went. It's like every little new experience has been absorbed into your soul and now it's a bit wider and that's why it feels like you've outgrown your real life even if just a little. The trick is not to find your way back to fit in it again, but incorporating all the newness into it, shaping it into this bigger you, making your own universe more diverse and potentially more accepting.


So you carry on and although it might feel like the weight of the things you've done and experienced is too heavy to fit in this stupid small town, you do it anyway. Mainly because you have to, partially because you're just waiting for the next chance to hop on a plane and go see the world.


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M 08.05.2016

Exactly :) I think that feeling is what fuels the "need" to travel.