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by M

im not a real human atm after such a long tiring day but i just wanted to wordvomit how amazing incredible brilliant fantastic troye was. 


nothing and i mean nothing in this universe makes me feel the way concerts do and i cherish that feeling immensely. it never goes over my head how privileged i am to have these opportunities and to live in a place that makes them so easy and accessible to me too. 


troye was and forever will be the soundtrack of my high school years. blue neighbourhood was there for me in the darkest time of my life. being able to hear those songs live, (almost) front row, in one of the biggest cities in the world, was both like coming home and kissing it goodbye. tonight was one of those full circle moments where you realise everything’s changed but it’s still very much the same. when you strip it all down to the basics, i’m still me. the world keeps spinning, people come and go, the backdrop changes, but through it all i’m still singing and dancing to troye sivan at the top of my lungs. alone in the middle of the kitchen in pjs making dinner, or at a big venue in central london with 5k other people. scared shitless at 16 or shitless scared at 20. no matter where. no matter when. i’m still me. i’m still me. 



by M

finally got back to journaling for the first time in god knows how long. wordvomiting all that’s been in my chest for months onto the page has lifted a weight off me. i might not have any answers but i dared to face the questions at last...let spring come and with it the winds of change. i am tired of being caught up in the same old traps i built for myself.