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one thing i really, really like each time is saying goodbye to my friends in the tube. "ok, i'm going this way." and then we hug and i always say thank you for coming and i mean it. like yesterday, after suspiria, claudia and i hugged twice and it was a proper hug, like a squeezy hug. or when michelle and i go different ways (rarely lol) and we say "see you later" and it's true. or jemma heading back south when i always go north, we hug and say talk to you later knowing that by the time we get to our platforms we'll be texting again.


and i always end up thinking about it how the bakerloo line is my means of transport, like this tube line in london is my local public transport, and i ride the train with some music or a book or sometimes nothing at all, and in those moments just being here, existing here, breathing here, living in its most basic sense—it's enough.



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