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missing sicily

by M

sicily.JPGWinter is here. After three months of flirting and teasing and threatening, with chilly mornings but sunshine, heavy coats but little underneath, it seems as though it's here once and for all. I'd been loving that light fall weather to bits: grey but not too grey, cold enough to wear boots and drink some tea, sunny afternoons at the barn.


Yet now I found myself reminiscing those sticky-hot days in Sicily back in August. We'd get up to a breakfast tray at our doorstep--thick layers of nuttella on toast!, and who said you can't have rich chocolate cake in the morning? After coating ourselves in generous amounts of sunscreen, we'd hop on our uncomfortable rental car and drive less 10 minutes trough clay roads and steep cliffs to the beach, where fewer than another 100 people were scattered along the white sand. 


I miss my tiptoeing through the hard rocks that lay where the water met land and diving headfirst into the warm, crystal clear water. I'd stay in until my fingers got wrinkles and then lay on my towel under the boiling sun until it got hard to breathe and my skin started to hurt, then I'd get up and take a walk to the bay that hid behind the cliff. We'd lunch at the little bar in our bikinis and bare feet. Entrees were always a huge fruit salad and to slices of watermelon big enough to feed the three of us.Then we'd have deliciously crispy paninis--I'd usually go for the cheese and tomato ones. Never in my life had I had such great, juicy, fresh tomatoes! I found myself wondering if I'd ever be able to eat non-Sicilian ones, because nothing can compare... After lunch we'd do some exploring, tried new beaches and drove around the island in our shitty car, the AC blaring and salty hair sticking to my neck. By sunset we'd get back home, shower and search for some place to dinner. 


I miss exploring in sandals, bare shoulders and sunshades and sun kissing my skin. I miss having meals outside and asking for unnecessary entreés because they were a. cheap, b. great and c. italian. I will shamelessly confess that one of my favorite things about Italy is the food--and that trip to Sicily was absolute heaven when it comes to that. I can still taste that spaghetti al pesto I had on my last day, and let me tell you: it tasted just like summer should. But I also miss the general feeling of having nothing to worry about other than tanlines and where to have dinner, snapping pictures of beautiful landscapes, looking out the window and thinking just how generous mother Nature was to that place. 

sicily 6.jpg

Winter is here. It's been here for less than a month... But all I want is a one-way trip to the tropics. Pretty please?