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july aesthetics

by M

long nights, days in bed, films, cloudy weather, driving around town, lunches and brunches, the attic, staying awake waiting for words that never came, days with friends, weekend getaway, reading by the pool, beach and sunburns, icecream and smoothies, sunset rides, driving in the woods, memories with friends, family time, missed flights, airplanes and long flights, timezones, new places, new dreams, a roadtrip, long hours driving, loud laughs and quiet breaths, sunsets on the road, the desert, beautiful views, this planet is to die for, I can’t feel my legs, jet lag, places we’ve been to and new ones, new sights, new seas, new woods, breakfast outside, quirky posh towns and big skyscraper cities, mountains and fog, sunshine and the beach, becoming one with the sand beneath my body, feeling at ease in the middle of chaos, quiet nights, planning and dreaming, questioning and letting go, everchanging nature as the backdrop of never changing thoughts