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hi from london

by M


I know there's a million things more serious and interesting I could write about being in London, those texts are coming, I promise. But for now I'll let you know about my breakfast this morning at the café right next to my halls. I had my first ever cinnamon roll and sat outside with a mug of watery (british) coffee. Although it was only 17º the sun felt scorching hot and I wore a short-sleeved tshirt. The cinnamon roll was good enough that I want to come back despite the 3,7£ it cost (almost 5€!!! for a pastry!!!), the waiters were actually so (unbritishly) nice and warm and there's loads more stuff I want to try on their menu.


I wondered whether that was what it was like to be a Londoner. And well, I guess I'll find out.

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De Margarida a 28.09.2017 às 17:47

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Todo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Este!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sou demasiado entusiásmavel para meu próprio bem, tho.)
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De M a 28.09.2017 às 21:10

são """"""""""só""""""""" cinnamon rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(jk e todo um outono a chegar i know)