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by M

there's things i wanna write about but i'm avoiding writing about them because writing means facing what i'm feeling and i kinda don't want to feel things because i feel like i've been feeling a lot.


also i'm so done i just want summer and not running on caffeine, swims, tanlines, falling asleep with open windows, smoothies for breakfast, mangos for lunch, salads for dinner, no adulting. yes please no adulting, no laundry, no dishes, no work, i really need to downgrade for a while.


this is not a complaing post, i love life and i'm so happy but i got caught up on that and forgot about the bigger picture. also i slept for 4h. 


the plans for tonight are:

  • no tumblr ✗
  • playing nice music ✓
  • tidy the bedroom ✓
  • clean the toilet ✓
  • be patient with myself ✓
  • facemasks and scrubs ✓
  • washing my hair ✓
  • sampling my henna dye ✗
  • meditation if i'm feeling brave 
  • maybe write for a while
  • watch a bit of cmbyn
  • get a good night's sleep


peace out



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