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and since we're on the mood for serial posting, i'm taking the opportunity to mention that this blog turned 1 on the 17th. it's 7 years i've been sharing my thoughts online and this last year has been so different. i think this blog and this format have truly helped me find my voice even if that includes no capital letter, messy punctuation and overusing italic expressions. that was something i didn't know i was lacking and that has helped me write more effortleslly and often more genuinely.

in hindsight this 1st year was not the one i was expecting--these weren't the things i was expecting to write about when i embarked "on this crazy journey of finding my truer self" but surprisingly i still wrote them. and i guess the journey is still the same, just taking a different road. that's okay. 

here's to another year of writing. hopefully, more.