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A couple of weeks back, I headed south with my sister to spend my midterm break in Lisbon. Whenever I go to Lisbon either my sister isn't there or we're in a rush - this time we had three lazy days ahead of us and made sure to check some of our plans off the list. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera home! Regarless, here's the outcome.


1. Fábrica Coffee Roasters

fábrica coffee roasters.jpg 

I'd never heard of it before, but a quick look at zomato and I was sold. Upon arrival, we decided to go have breakfast: I asked for a cappuccino blend, my sister and our friend Margarida asked for macchiato blends. The coffee really, really good, however the macchiatos were too small, especially considering the price. Points for soy/lactose free milk, though! As for the food itself: my sister opted for toasts with butter (it wasn't on the list, but they said it was fine) - contrary to the beverages, we got two big piles of bread and little bowls of butter to spread as we'd please. Margarida asked for "Bolo Fábrica", their special cake which was basically layers of puff pastry and whipped cream... absolutely devine and surprisingly very light! 


The staff was nice but barely spoke any Portuguese - which only added to the weird feeling of not being in Lisbon, but rather in some fancy northen-Europe café. The space is very quiet cozy, especially for a rainy day, but also has tables outside. 


More info here.


2. Sweet Rolls

sweet rolls.png


Not really a café or shop per say, but rather a counter at the Ferry Terminal, Sweet Rolls brought the Transilvanya-born chimney cakes to western land. Having tried - and obsessed over - them in our trip to Budapest a few years ago, we were thrilled to give this a try. Unable to decide between chocolate chips, nutella or cacao, we opted for the classic one. Not as good as those the originals we'd had, but surely good enough to ease that Hungary nostalgia and put a smile on our faces (and tummies) in such a rainy day!


Check it out.


3. Landeau



Lastly, but definitely not the least, was the famous Landeau chocolate cake. Considered by the New York Times one of the best chocolate cakes in the world, it's been years since we wanted to give this one a try, but it seemed as thought there timing was never right... Even this time around, a lot of running and praying was involved, but we eventually got to the picturesque shop in Chiado - five minutes before it closed.


Now I must admit I was a bit skeptical, because my mom found a heavenly chocolate cake elsewhere a couple of years ago and there was no doubt in my mind anything could possibly beat it. However, nothing could've prepared me for those fifteen minutes of pure lust and wonder as we ate. The cake itself consists of layers of fluffy sponge and rich mousse and is coated in a thick, silky layer of pure cacao. But somehow all of these components seem to blend perfectly in your mouth, balancing perfectly between the bitterness of the cacao and sweetness of the mousse and combining all three textures in a whole new, creamy, light one. In other words: a pure tribute to chocolate, taking its cult (religion?) to a whole new level. 


Do yourself a favour, and give it a try. Won't regret it.



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