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about riding

by M

This is par of a post written on my horseblr but I thought I would put it here too. Mainly because I want some horses in here. Partially because I want to post more often.


If you told me six months ago I would be where I am (in terms of riding) right now I wouldn’t even listened, let alone believed. If I had known then that all it took was consistent, daily work all along…! If I could’ve imagined the wonders of patience and calmness and serenity and what those can do for my horse. I would’ve gone very much further.


I know that I owe 99% of what I know and where I am to my previous & first trainer; you can’t ignore the power of 8-year-old relationships. I still wonder what he would say in certain situations, I follow his advice in my head and I wish he could see how far me and Pucci have came. But part of me can’t help but resent that all this time his laziness and lack of drive were impairing our progress, that his anger outbursts had me questioning everything, that he failed to recognise my effort and dedication time and time over.


But I do have to thank him one last time. Because when he left he set us a free in a way; he forced me to prioritise horses over everything else, one last time; he sent me back home and for one last time: I fell head over heals for this crazy lifestyle which now runs through my veins and this a deeply engraved part of me.


I’m really starting to think it’s for life.