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  • the fact that he doesn't give a fuck
  • mainly the fact that he doesn't give a fuck
  • the fact that the only little fucks he gives are about music
  • his voice
  • the way he goes from speaking to singing so casually
  • effortlessness
  • he sounds straight out of a disney soundtrack




by M

the current friday night situation is chatting about drugs, politics and religion with a bunch of strangers on a goldsmiths media freshers facebook group.

i swear my life has been reaching all time highs in terms of what the fuckness



by M

today i drove past the police without a license

lika bau5



on gratitude

by M

Admitedly, the tag #ramble has been overused as of lately. As this shitty week is finally coming to an end (weekend doesn't really count. hopefully) and because I've managed to post quite a lot but just as shittly I wanted to end it on a different note. 


Being at home for over a month doing nothing has given me some headspace and reflection time which I didn't even realize I needed so much. It's been therapeutic and a lil scary (but mostly therapeutic). When silly things like cancelled plans or mistaken schedules go wrong I do get really frustrated. But at the same time I take the opportunity to realize how lucky I am. How lucky that my parents have never stopped me from doing things because I had to study, let alone when I'm 18 and at uni. How lucky that I get to travel to and fro Lisbon as much as I please and somewhat pointlessly. How lucky I am to have a house and my little bedroom in a city like that. How lucky I am that I get to come home to my attic and central heating. How lucky that I get to whine about how shitty a meeting about moviNG TO EFFING LondON was or the fact that I have to pay 11€ to go to a museum in Paris next week.



How lucky that truly I have known no real struggle in my whole entire life.


And while I have somewhat been accused of being a spoiled whining brat in the past, please make no mistake. Because even on my worst days--actually, mostly on those days I am fully and each time more and more aware that I'm in a position of absolute privilege and that the odds are all on my side and perhaps even the stars have aligned for me. And I pray, quite literally, I pray that it stays that way and not for a second do I take it for granted. I do my best not to anyway. That being said I am not sorry for my position. I don't wish it upon myself that I had been born in lesser conditions and I am not ashamed of it. I'm not sorry for embracing this privileged white girl life that has been offered to me with a cherry on top and I will play it to my full advantage for as long as can. And I will try my best to put into others' advantage as well because those two aren't mutually exclusive. The fact that some people are living absolute hell while I get to live like this overwhelms me to the point I have to force myself not to overanalyze it.


This is not a bragging post. This is explicitly a post about gratitude. I am in love with this life of mine that I'm only now starting to grasp. But that doesn't take away my right to be sad or mad or frustrated or worried or scared or anxious or anything else really. I am entitled to my own feelings and my own opinions and my own place in this world and this society no matter how biased that may be. 



by M

Today has been the weirdest:

  • woke up at 9am to go to sewing class
  • made a pair of shorts??
  • went to the dentist alone & didn't faint with the anesthesia 
  • made my first ever donation!
  • got my ear pierced
  • and told no one about it lel
  • tried a new recipe for dinner
  • went to a school show although i don't go to school anymore



2017 bucketlist

by M
  1. write more.
  2. write (nearly) everyday.
  3. learn how to watercolor.
  4. move to london.
  5. learn patience.
  6. practice patience.
  7. go to a concert.
  8. get better at time management.
  9. make at least 1 close friend.
  10. read at least 10 books. (7/10)
  11. learn how to sew.
  12. watch more movies.
  13. volunteer (more?)
  14. make a photo album.
  15. workthefuckout
  16. donate money and things.
  17. take more photos.
  18. meal plan.
  19. learn to write with left hand.

(will defs be updated as i think of more stuff)


Done | In progress | Failed


happy new year

by M

May this year be filled with more love and trust and less fear. Fuck fear. Give it no space. Suffocate it. Kill it. This is your year, my year. All ours. Eternally grateful for another trip around the sun. Always learning, growing and changing.