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2018 bucket list

by M
  1. learn and practice patience
  2. go to a concert 5/1
  3. find a workout routine that works for me and stick to it
  4. read at least 10 books 11/10
  5. practice watercolouring + get real good
  6. finally become ambidextrous
  7. volunteer
  8. write even more
  9. get a healthy sleeping schedule 
  10. go to the beach as much as possible
  11. go to 3 different countries
  12. be more creative than ever
  13. save money
  14. get my first job
  15. not lose my equestrian self
  16. work hard on my friendships 
  17. get rid of trust issues and really give myself to others
  18. get serious with photography
  19. have good grades
  20. do more yoga and meditation
  21. learn to play the piano

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