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by M

harry styles edit 2.jpg

this is the story about my first time being spontaneous. it traces back to december, when i found out harry styles launched new dates for london concerts—i begged and begged katya and vendy and michelle to come, but time went on, the tickets sold out and no one was too keen anyway.


fastforward to last week, i'm watching concert videos on youtube because i have no life, i google harry styles london tickets, i find a ticket on a great seat at a great price, i tried to talk myself out of it and then it hits me. i do everything by myself these days. all of it. i am my own company 99% of the time, for better or for worse. so why not? what's stopping me? it's just another thing you're doing alone, out of the dozens you do every week. except it's actually for fun. if you take yourself to the supermarket, to work, to strolls through the city, then go to the damn concert!!!! sway along on your on tempo!!!! share the feels with yourself!!!!! she'll love it i promise. you'll love it, you'll have an infinitely better time than if you stay at home drowning in a puddle of self pitty because your friends ditched. fuck it. fuck them. let them be the ones at home seeing you have a Grand™️ time.


i'm crazy in love with this idea of taking yourself out on dates. it's so empowering. like whoah look at you treating yourself the way you want and expect other people to tell you. look at you putting up with your brain other than to tell it to shut the fuck up. look at you actually doing nice things for yourself. pat on the back you survived, you had an amazing night, you went and saw harry fucking styles live!


and as for the concert—i could marry this man's voice any day of any week of any month. i think if i was blind and a little deluded i might even actually be into him. but since that's not the case, let's just say it had an amazing time listening to him sing beautiful songs in his beautiful lowkey sexy voice, singing and dancing along, soaking up on the beautiful otherworldly vibe that concerts give off. music is so important yall. i hope everyone gets the chance to see their favourite artists perform live. it's so humbling and heart warming. i really had a great time. i'm so proud of myself. i'd do it all again if i could.


can you tell i've been spending too much time shitposting on tumblr can u can u