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by M

Today was the weirdest. I left home before 8am with mom and drove all the way down to lisbon. I ate watermelon with a spoon for breakfast in the car and also some bread. We got to the hospital perfectly on time and even managed to squeeze in a last minute appointment. Three hours after getting there, I hopped on a train back home. I love trains?? I love how the views outside the window change in a matter of seconds, so violently and wild. I didn't even had a book or tv series, I just watched the wilderness go from spacious and yellowish to narrow and bright green for like an hour.

I ended up having lunch by myself at the mall, which is something I'm starting to be okay with. It's okay that my plans are "just me" most of the times; it's better than no plans at all. And I really wanted soup and salad for some reason, so I went ahead and lunched alone and it was yum so that's what matters. I left in a rush though, cause I had to walk to the hairdressers where ema and carolina were waiting. We tried our prom hairstyles and I cut my hair. Like real short!! Just now that I was getting used to feeling it touch my back and shoulders... pro-tip: that's when you know you should cut your hair, any later than that and you'll be forever trapped in a long-haired misery. Anyway. It was our little pampering afternoon and it felt great. Ema's hairstyle looked fab!! It is really starting to feel like prom is an actual thing that is actually happening, rather than some paranoia in our heads. Idk how to feel about that. 

Then I came home for like fifteen minutes and went back to the dentist which was uneventful as per usual, but at least I didn't have to wait for too long. I also bought some bananas after. I love bananas??? That's so weird, cause I used to desipize and overlook them as a fruit.. Now I can't get enough and I ate the last one this morning so I had to pick more up, because I wouldn't go through 1,5 days without ma bananananana. LoLZ this post is all over the place.

Moving on. I came home and only when I was pressing play on Sims4 did I realize I actually have history finals..... but it was too late, obviously. Nobody shuts down the sims after it taking hours since you click start til you actually being able to play it. Especially not to go study history. After like 2 days in my sims lives (that's around 48minutes) I had to go make dinner and the freaking potatoes took forEVER to cook!!! A girl takes a shower in 5 minutes, doesn't even esfoliate her legs, dresses the pjs half way out the door (i only have one sock on) and then has to wait another 20minutes for the smallest potatoes to finish baking. ugh.

Yeah, that was pretty much today. Except I studied 30mins of history after dinner, but I kinda suck studying at night because that's when I get the most creative. It's like the perfect time to do anything but studying.

Okay bye.


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Margarida 20.05.2016

quero pics!!!!!!!!!!
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M 20.05.2016

Não tirei 🙈🙊